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SUTA Election Board: Announcement #1

Dear SUTA members,

Greetings from the SUTA Election Board 2021. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the board of directors for their trust in us. We are honored to take this responsibility and we are fully prepared, and committed to conduct a smooth and transparent election.

We are happy to announce that the Election 2021 process is commencing today Monday, Jan 11th, and will end on Sun, Feb 28th.

Please pay attention to the timetable below, with important dates scheduled for the election 2021:

Important Note:

* We will continue the membership and nomination process as it was customary for our members residing in Iran, unless the retained attorney advises us otherwise. We will notify the members if there is a new update.

Call for nomination

According to the Bylaws, regular members [in good standing] could nominate themselves or can be nominated by others. However, if nominated by others the nominee should accept and confirm its acceptance by email. Members have 30 days from today to nominate for the election. No nomination will be accepted after the nomination closing date (Feb 10th 2021).


If you have any questions, you may communicate with us via the election board email: SUTA-Election-2021@GoogleGroups.com

We are looking forward to having a transparent election.

Best regards,

SUTA Election Board 2021


SUTA Election Board: Announcement #2

Coming soon...

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