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SUTA Toronto Chapter Talk on "Congress of Vienna: How a master diplomat created 100 Years of peace in Europe after defeat of Napoleon" by Mr. Ali Rahmani

  • October 30, 2014
  • 19:45 - 21:45
  • Sorento Restaurant


SUTA Toronto Chapter presents:

Congress of Vienna: How a master diplomat created 100 Years of peace in Europe after defeat of Napoleon

by Mr. Ali Rahmani

Sorento restaurant

Thursday October 30th


The Concert of Europe refers to an unprecedented peaceful period in European history starting from the end of Napoleonic wars in 1812. The agreements reached between major powers (Austria, Prussia, Russia, Great Britain and France) during the Conference of Vienna in 1812-1813 paved the way for a new and innovative form of diplomacy to ensure all powers act in harmony in response to any aggressive move by a European power and use diplomacy before applying force. This brought close to 100 years of peace to Europe. Effectiveness of this model was later weakened by the rise of nationalist movements in Europe and unification of Germany under Bismarck. This form of diplomacy was adopted by world leaders in the 20th century and to an extent used as a vision for the United Nations. During this event we talk about major players and their motives during the conference and discuss the genius of the architect of this model, Prince Von Metternich of Austria. British diplomats were urged to study main points of the Congress of Vienna during Versailles treaty negotiations. Henry Kissinger’s doctoral dissertation also focused on the statesmanship of Prince Metternich and Lord Castlereagh (Austria and Great Britain foreign ministers during the Congress of Vienna).

Speaker Biography:

Ali Rahmani is a graduate of the school of Management and Economics of Sharif University. His career has been in Strategy and Corporate Finance.

He has a broad knowledge of modern western history (post Napoleonic era) especially periods of World War I & II, Cold War and American Civil war.

He holds a bachelor of Polymer Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic, MBA from Sharif University and accounting designations from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (England) and Certified General Accountant (Canada). He is currently working for ABC Group (Canadian based automotive part supplier) and prior to that worked for PriceWaterHouseCoopers in Tehran.

Tentative Schedule
7:45 pm     Networking
8:00 pm     Dinner
8:45 pm     Talk
9:30 pm     Q&A, Concluding remarks

Registration and fees
Registration is not required.
Each person has to pay for his/her own consumption at the restaurant.

Sorento Restaurant 
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