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Camping & Water Rafting on Ottawa River

  • August 05, 2017
  • August 07, 2017
  • RiverRun rafting resort, Renfrew, Ontario
Dear Members, 
 proud to announce they have organized another exciting event, a 2-day 3-night Camping and Water Rafting trip on Ottawa River with optional side trips to Bon Echo provincial park, Bonnechere caves and Ottawa

We will drive to the resort on Saturday and will camp for the night, will raft Sunday morning and camp for the second night. It is also possible to camp with the group (with the meal package) without taking the rafting trip. There is also an optional visit to the Bon Echo provincial park ($20 per car, http://www.ontarioparks.com/park/bonecho) on the way to the resort on Saturday and another side trip to Bonnechere caves ($17 per person,http://www.bonnecherecaves.com/near the resort Sunday afternoon after the rafting trip. Interested people can also join us to drive to Ottawa on Monday for an optional city visit with a tour of the parliament building. Others can stay at the resort and enjoy the resort facility (beach volleyball, basketball, canoe, kayak, sandy beach, ...). Those who join on the Ottawa tour will also have lunch in Ottawa area on Sunday and may visit a museum there if we get enough time before heading back to Toronto
Time: Saturday, August 5th to Monday, August 7th, 2017
Location: RiverRun rafting resort, RenfrewOntario
Carpooling: 8 am at Finch TTC passenger pickup at North-West corner of Yonge and Bishop. 
(If you need a ride or can give rides to people in your car please contact the event coordinator.)
The package (Weekend - High Adventure) at RiverRun resort:
- Package includes a full river rafting trip in a 12-passenger raft on Sunday (August 6th), 2 nights of camping, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and a resort day to enjoy as you please (beach volleyball, basketball, swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, ...).
- Anyone rafting in a 12 passenger raft must be minimum 13 years of age and 90 lbs.
- It's possible to hang out with the group, camp and don't raft. You have to buy the non-participant package which includes the meal package.
- We will have waterproof camera to take picture while on the river. We will provide all the digital pictures and the Video of the rafting sold by the resort on the river for every person buying the High-Adventure resort package.
- You can bring along your camping gear with you, however tents are available for rent at the resort (if available and booked ahead of time) at $25-$30 a night for 2-people tent (it will be cheaper to buy a tent rather than renting though). We can try to find you space in our tents as well.
Cost estimate:
Everybody has to pay for the package ahead of time by cash or cheque or through e-mail money transfer. No seat is booked before we receive the payment.
1- Resort Weekend – High Adventure Rafting: Discounted price is $220 per person (tax and resort fee included). Package includes a full river high adventure rafting trip in a 12-passenger raft, 2 nights of camping, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and a resort day to enjoy as you please. It includes video and photos of the trip.
2- Non-participant package for two nights of camping and 4 meals. Resort fee charge plus 13% HST is included. Total price will be $140.
3- Carpooling: If you are not providing your own means of transportation, you have to pay $60 directly to the driver who provides the ride to you.It will be a 1,100 km long trip (return trip including all side trips). We will organize for 4 or 5 passengers in a car depending how big the car is. 
Note: Full Camping & Rafting (High Adventure Resort) package is discounted but the discount does not apply to the non participant package. Full Camping & Rafting package includes the extra benefits such as rafting, waterproof camera photos, resort and side trip photos, video of the rafting trip and a DVD package containing all the photos and videos.
Note: Carpooling cost is extra to the package cost and is paid directly to the drivers giving ride. 
Registration process:
Please be advised that the spots fill very fast at the resort, so you have to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Usually they are fully booked two weeks before the rafting day, and sometimes three week before.
We have booked a 12-passenger raft and are registering the first 12 people, and will book more spots as we get more people registered. We expect to close the registration by mid July or as soon as the resort runs out of spots.
To register, please call 416-826-7814 or e-mail morteza_tehrani@yahoo.com to arrange for the payment. You can mail a cheque, pay in person or pay through e-mail money transfer. 
Cancellation policy:
Due to the fact that we have to pay for the package 4 weeks before the event, the only way to cancel is to find a replacement for your spot. We will try to find someone for you but it's not guarantee. You probably have to find a replacement yourself. 
What to bring along (recommended by the resort) 
Rafting Essentials: 
    * Footwear that does not easily slip off, such as aqua shoes, strap-on sport sandals or running shoes, with rubber soles
    * Swimwear or nylon shorts, something that dries quickly and does not hold water (cotton is not recommended)
    * If you must wear eye or sun glasses use strap retainers (there is no guarantee your glasses will stay on)
    * Wetsuits can be rented before safety briefing; $15 for two pieces, $10 for half suit
    * Wetsuits are at no extra charge for children 6 - 15 (subject to availability) on the family trip
    * Please note: No flip-flops or crocs will be allowed for rafting 
    * Young children get cold easily - Bring warm sweater or fleece (no cotton)
    * Sunscreen, hat, insect repellent (especially in spring), flashlight
    * Towel, personal items, change of clothing and footwear
    * Cold weather: thermal socks, wind resistant jacket and pants, fleece wear or sweatshirts
    * Accommodations (cabins): all accommodations have mattresses, however, some accommodations require guests to bring bedding and pillows, please ask for details at time of booking
    * Accommodations (cabins) are in addition to trip and package prices
    * Camping: tent, ground sheet, sleeping bag, pillow, camping mattress 
Things you need to know 
    * Washroom and shower facilities are located close to campgrounds
    * Personal campfires are not permitted; guests may enjoy bonfire area in lower campground, or Pavilion
    * Pets; must be on leash at all times, and guests with pets may reserve space in Pet Haven campground
    * Resort Accommodations; Check-in 4:00 pm and check-out is10:00 am or before rafting
    * LondonHouse Inn guests; Check-in 4:00 pm and check-out is11:00 am or before rafting
    * LondonHouse Spa; we encourage our guests to book in advance
    * Please note: There is a security deposit required by credit card upon registration for all accommodations 
    * Optional zip-lining and paintball games are available at extra cost. 
Here is my short list of the things you might want to bring along: 
1.      Tent, sleeping bag, extra clothing
2.      Water, soft drink, juice
3.      Non-perishable food or meat for BBQ if you plan to make food, munchies
4.      Suntan lotion/sun screen, swimming suit, comfortable clothing, wet suit, wet-socks
5.      Insect repellent and after bite
6.      Personal items (tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, razor, shampoo, soap, …)
Directions from Toronto:
Approximate driving time: 4.5 hours...and worth every minute
- Travel Hwy 401 or Hwy 7 to Hwy 41
- Take Hwy 41 north to Eganville
- Continue through Eganville to the traffic lights
- Turn right at the lights (Hwy 60) which becomes County Rd 8. This will take you into Cobden
- In Cobden, turn right onto Hwy 17
- Make a left onto Foresters Falls Rd which is approximately 1 km away
- Continue through Foresters Falls
- Make a left at Grants Settlement Rd which is approximately 1 km outside of Foresters Falls
- Turn left at Grants Settlement Rd, and follow the RiverRun signs to our resort 
Travelling long distances and outdoor activities including (but not limited to) camping, water rafting, hiking on uneven trails, climbing, canoeing and swimming in open water involve risks of injury and/or loss/damage to properties. By participating in this event you waive and release any and all claims for yourself and people you bring to this event against the organizers of this event in conjunction with any injury, illness, or death, or loss or damage to property, which may directly or indirectly result from your participation in the event. You acknowledge that you will not receive any financial payment for any of the above and that your compensation is the opportunity to participate in the event and contribute to the activities of the event. You warrant that you are fit to participate in this event and your attendance in the event means that you admit the Agreement.

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