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SUTA Toronto Chapter Special Event: Talk on "How Coatings Have Improved our Lives!" by Dr. Mostaghimi & Panel Discussion on Research in Canada/Ontario

  • April 25, 2013
  • 18:30 - 21:45
  • Bayview Golf & Country Club
  • 42


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  • Rates are in CAD$, disregard USD$.

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SUTA Toronto Chapter presents:

How Coatings have Improved our Lives!

Dr. Javad Mostaghimi

Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

University of Toronto

and Panel Discussion on Research in Canada/Ontario


Bayview Golf & Country Club


Coatings are applied to protect surfaces from their environment. They are also used for their aesthetic beauty, e.g., automotive and or furniture paint. Industrial coatings are intended to protect the parts from wear, corrosion, and or high temperatures. As an example, the efficiency of a jet engine is dependent on its combustion temperature. The higher this temperature, the higher the thermal efficiency and, hence, better fuel efficiency. However, most materials cannot withstand the higher temperature of the engine. To protect engine components, such as the combustor of turbine blades, from high temperatures a ceramic coating is applied to these components. The process used for depositing such coatings is thermal spray coating technology.

In this presentation, the basic features of thermal spray and its application in aerospace, automotive and other industries are discussed. 

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Javad Mostaghimi received the B.Sc. degree from Sharif University, Iran, in 1974, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 1978 and 1982, respectively. Before joining University of Toronto, he held positions at Pratt & Whitney Canada, Longueil, Quebec, and the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec. In 1990, he joined the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Ontario, where he is currently a Professor. His main research interests are the study of thermal spray coatings, transport phenomena and electromagnetics in thermal plasma sources; in particular, study of the flow, temperature, and electromagnetic fields within arcs and rf inductively coupled plasmas and plasma particle interactions.

Dr. Mostaghimi is a member of the IUPAC sub-committee on Plasma Chemistry, and a member of the editorial board of Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing.

Tentative Schedule
6:30 pm     Reception, Networking
7:30 pm     Talk, Q&A session
8:30 pm     Break (refreshment will be served)
8:50 pm     Panel on Research in Canada/Ontario
                  - Dr. Javad Mostaghimi, Professor
                    University of Toronto
                  - Dr. Hamid R. Badiei, Sr. Principal Research
                    Scientist at ICP-MS/OES 
                    PerkinElmer Inc.
                  - Mr. Navid Badie, Director,
                    Reactor Core, Fuel and Fuel Handling Engineering
                    Candu Energy Inc.
                   - Facilitator: Dr. Bahram ZahirAzami

9:30 pm     Concluding remarks

Registration and fees
$20 for members and for the general public with pre-registration
$30 at the door
Registration is now open and is required by the latest on April 22, 2013.
We would like to ask members and the public to register, as we expect the event to be sold out. Please start your registration online by clicking on the "Register" on the left side. 

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