Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can I register and become a SUTA member?
A: It is very easy. Go to our membership registration page and fill out the forms. After registering online on our website, your membership status will be "pending" until you pay membership fee, which at that time our Membership Committee will approve your membership. 

Q: I need to renew my membership. How does the renewal procedure work?
A: It is very likely that you receive an reminder email before your renewal due date. You just need to pay the membership fee for the next year, and then you are good to go. 

Q: I have already registered on SUTA website. Why I cannot still register for the reunion?
A: For being eligible to register for the reunion, your membership status need to become "active" on our website. If you have registered your membership on our website, but you have not done the membership payment yet, please go ahead and do that first. As soon as your membership status becomes active, you will be able to register for the reunion.

Q: Why the status of my membership is "pending" on SUTA website?
A: One possible reason can be that you have not yet paid your membership fees completely. Please make sure that you do not have any outstanding balance. You can check that out by logging into our website.
If you believe that you have completely paid your membership fees, but your membership status is still pending, wait a few days. If there was still a problem, feel free to contact our Membership Committee at

Q: I live in Iran. How can I pay my membership fee?
A: For those who may not use PayPal, you can pay your membership fee by direct deposit to the following account:
Bank Mellat
Branch Sharif University Branch
Account Number 202220159
Beneficiary Dr. Davar Boghaei
After making the payments, please send an email with payment details to SUTA will verify the payment, update membership status and send the approval to your email.

Q: How can I pay my membership fee using PayPal?
A: You can either pay through PayPal by filling the online registration form or send a direct payment with email through PayPal to

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