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Interviews with Dr. Berok Khoshnevis

February 04, 2014 10:51 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
In 2012, during our Reunion in Ottawa, Dr. Berok Khoshnevis, was the winner of SUTA's Alumni Achievement Award. We are proud to announce today his recent interviews with several major TV networks about his automated construction technology:

Fox Business News with Varney & Co - Jan 27

CNN International - Jan 24, 2014

Fox Business News with Melissa Francis - Jan 23

Jan 21, 2014 - CBS2 News

And his TEDx talk on the subject describes the technology and has received more than one million viewers:

This talk has been selected as one if top five as "TEDx Moments" among over 30,000 TEDx videos that have been produced in the entire history of TEDx. 

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