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Report of the first event of the Montreal Chapter

November 18, 2014 23:30 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)

The first Montreal Chapter's Meeting was held on November 5th 2014, at the EV Building of Concordia University with about 75 graduates and affiliates of Sharif University of Technology. The event started at 7:00 PM and finished at about 9:00 PM. Following is a summary of the meeting:


1) Mr. Amin Fazili, the director of events, opened the ceremony and welcomed the guests by a short warm greeting speech.


2) Mr. Hamzehlouia, the chapter president, warmly welcomed the attendees and then presented SUTA, SUTA goals, SUTA membership, Montreal chapter board members and election process. He invited and encouraged all Sharif University graduates in Montreal to support SUTA by attending SUTA events, participating in election process and sharing their ideas, suggestions and expectations to improve SUTA's performance.


3) Professor Amir G. Aghdam, the president of IEEE Canada, was invited to give a speech for guests. He started his speech by talking about Sharif University's history, previous SUTA gathering events. He shared his experience with attendees about studying and working abroad and gave them priceless hints to move towards success in their future career in Canada.


4)  At the end of the meeting, attendees found an opportunity to have a short chat and get introduced with each other.  


5) The attendees were treated with coffee and cake.


6) Moreover, Mr. Hamidreza Eslami, the director of services, supported the event by taking photos.


This meeting was held in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to all Montreal Chapter board members and all who helped us make this event a memorable and great one.




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