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Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award results

February 20, 2016 21:00 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)

The Awards Committee is delighted to announce the results of SUTA’s 2016 Dr. MojtahediInnovation Awards.

We have received 12 submissions as follows:


4 in Mechanical Engineering

3 in Civil Engineering

2 in Chemical Engineering

1 in Chemistry

1 in Material Engineering

1 in Electrical Engineering


The submission in Electrical Engineering (EE) was not a project but rather introducing a research group with its publications and activities. Given this and the fact that a competition with just one project was inappropriate, EE was taken out of the competition.


We also combined Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Material Engineering into one category with 4 projects. And so we ended up with three categories as follows.


Mechanical Engineering (4 projects)

ChemEng/MatEng/Chemistry (4 projects)

Civil Engineering (3 projects)


The evaluation has been performed in just one round, as the turn out was relatively low, and the winners are announced as follows:


Mechanical Engineering:

Dr. Amir Shamloo, Ms. Sara Salehi, "Applications of MEMS in Biological Sciences"


Dr. Mohammad Jafar Abedkhodai, Ms. Elaheh Jooybar, “Construction of polymer careers to transport platelet lysate to be used in the reconstruction of cartilage tissues”

Civil Engineering:

Mr. Aref Samadi-Dooki, “The effects of Substrate’s Physical Properties on Cells Adhesion.”

We would like to congratulate our winners and to sincerely thank our judges, and all teams who sent us their projects. 


Best Regards,

SUTA 2016 Awards Committee

Dr. Jalil Kamali

Dr. Shahryar Makarechi

Dr. Masoud Olfat

Dr. Bahram Zahir

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