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Award Committee's announcement (winners of the 2016 SUTA Awards)

May 22, 2016 09:51 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)

SUTA’s Awards Committee is delighted to announce the results of the 2016 SUTA Awards.


Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award

The fourth winner of the SUTA’s Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award is Dr. Mohammad Ghodsi, professor of Computer Engineering Department at Sharif University of Technology (SUT). Professor Ghodsi who himself graduated from SUT in 1975 has been teaching in the university since 1979 with the exception of 5 years, during which he completed his PhD in the US in 1980’s. During this long tenure, he taught many courses, supervised close to 200 research projects (at BS, MS, and PhD levels), and held several positions including head of department. Through writing many books, co-founding Iran’s computer society, and involvement in campaigns such as anti-plagiarism, Dr. Ghodsi’s contributions reached out of the Sharif campus and benefited students and professionals nationwide.

By presenting this award to Professor Ghodsi, SUTA continues the path that it took since the inception of Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognizing dedicated individuals whose contributions have touched the lives of the most brilliant of our country’s young men and women. The previous winners of Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award are Dr. Siavash Shahshahani (2010), Dr. Saeed Sohrabpour (2012), and Dr. Reza Mansouri (2014).

Alumni Achievement Award

The third winner of the SUTA’s Alumni Achievement Award is Mr. Hessam Armandehi. Mr. Armandehi is a 30 year old successful entrepreneur whose company, Cafe Bazaar which he founded in Iran, reached astonishing success and was featured in prominent publications worldwide (such as Wall Street Journal and Washington Post). He received his BSc in Computer Science from SUT in 2008 and his MSc from Chalmers University in Sweden in 2012. Upon graduation, he went back to Iran where he put his learnings into good use and founded Cafe Bazaar, a leading smartphone application marketplace for Persian speakers serving close to 25 million smartphone users. His company was one of the first successful startups in Iran employing many Sharif graduates and showing the world of possibilities to younger generations. 

In presenting the award to Mr. Armandehi, SUTA appreciates the hard work of those graduates who, against all the odds, manage to create exciting new opportunities for the youth in Iran. The previous winners of Alumni Achievement Award are Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis (2012) and Dr. Mahmoud Tebiani (2014).


Staff Award

The recipient of this year’s Staff Award is Mr. Ehsanollah Arzpeyma, the long serving officer of the university's registrar's office. Mr. Arzpeyma is such a known figure in the university and among the alumni that no justification seems to be necessary. He is indeed a monumental figure on campus as no Sharif graduate has left school without his/her academic record being meticulously examined by him. In addition to serving the university in the above-mentioned capacity for such long time, he has also been helping SUTA and the alumni association.

Staff Award was formed this year by merging the two award categories of Alumni Distinguished Service Award and Staff Appreciation Award. The past winners of Alumni Distinguished Service Award are Dr. Alinaghi Mashayekhi (2012) and Mr. Alireza Hamzelou and Mr. Mehdi Hakimpour (2014). The past winners of Staff Appreciation Award are Ms. Afsaneh Tehrani and Mr. Mansour Ajoudani (2014). 

Dr. Mojtahedi Awards have been announced in a prior communique. 

Best Regards,

SUTA 2016 Awards Committee

Dr. Jalil Kamali

Dr. Shahryar Makarechi

Dr. Masoud Olfat

Dr. Bahram Zahir

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