Program of the SUTA’s 2014 Reunion

Milan, Italy, August 1-3, 2014


Theme: Engineering Challenges in 21st Century

In light of the continuous population growth, the emergence of new economies and the increased demand for more resources, especially water and energy, there are a number of engineering challenges before us in the years to come.  Another pressing issue which is a direct result of economic growth in industrialized countries and more so in new emerging markets, is the challenge to curb the environmental impact of this economic growth.  The following program which has been planned for the SUTA gathering this year, is an attempt to address some of the above concerns.  

Disclaimer: Following is the program for the Reunion in Milan, but there is still the possibility of some minor changes.

 Time allocation  

 Friday, August 1, 2014



The local organizers will provide information packages to registrants, including the program of the Reunion, and also Info on the side tours during and after the conference


 Exhibit and networking

Tables will be available to the speakers who wish to display the brochures and other promotional literature on their respective organizations. Light refreshments will also be available


     City Tour
    - Cenacolo Vinciano (Last Supper)
    - Museo Triennale

     After 19:00

     Free Evening and Networking

     Time allocation  

    Saturday, August 2, 2014




     Welcoming addresses:

    • Mr. Mohammad Mahmoodi, Chair of the Milan Local Organizing Committee and the Host
    • Message of Mr. Giuliano Pisapia, Mayer of Milan 
    • Dr. Fredun Hojabri, Honorary Chair of the conference and the Senior Adviser of SUTA
    • Message from the Secretary General of Sharif University of Technology Alumni Association, Mr. Mahmood Shiri
    • Dr. Bahram ZahirAzami, President of SUTA

       9:30-10:10  Keynote speech
      Engineering the Future: Toward Self-Organizing, Self-Improving, Self-Healing, and Self-Sustaining Systems, Dr. Behrooz Parhami, University of California Santa Barbara
       10:10-10:25  Bonyad Melli Nokhbegan (BMN) Strategy to Engage Community of Iranian Scholars and Experts, Dr. Sourena Sattari, Iran’s Vice President of Science and Technology (A video presentation, introduced by Mr. Ali Birang)
       10:25-10:40  MAPS Technology Center: the First Private Sector Incubator & Technology Development Acceleration Center in Iran, Mr. Farrokh Malihi, Adviser of SUTA


       Coffee Break 


       Panel discussion on “Engineering in Iran and the World: Cultures and Infrastructures for Education and Innovation
      Chairman: Dr. Behrooz Parhami, UCSB
      Coordinator: Dr. Bahram Zahir
      • Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, University of Southern California
      • Dr. Reza Mansouri, Sharif University of Technology
      • Dr. Hossein Nivi, Pendaran
      • Dr. Mahmood Tabiani, Sharif University of Technology


       Lunch (including a short presentation by Dr. Pooya Sareh on Persian Language Foundation)


       Art Performance

       14:45-15:00  Updates on the activities of Sharif University of Technology Alumni Association, Mrs. Forouzandeh Tabibi and Dr. Mohammad Hajaligol


       Panel Discussion on the “Engineering Challenges for Water, Energy, and Power”

      Chairman: Dr. Hamid Mostaghaci, Senior Science Advisor, Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Canada
      • Dr. Azadeh Ahmadi, Isfahan University of Technology
      • Dr. Hossein Banijamali, Canadian Petroleum Processing Equipments
      • Dr. Ali Moridi, Shahid Beheshti University
      • Mr. Aras Sheikhi, Seven Qeshm Company
      The panel will deal with energy and water challenges in industrial countries, emerging economies and developing countries. Subjects of particular interest in this session are the issues related to the increased use of renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind, and also the management of water resources in Iran and countries from around the world. Also, the power infrastructure and smart grids will be discussed in this panel.




       Gala Dinner

       Start of the program
       Presentation on the new SUT Campus, Mr. Alireza Hamzeloui
       19:55-20:10  Yaaraan Alborz, Mr. Nader Ghadessi, Managing Director at Awards Technology, UAE
       20:10-20:20 Projection of a short film on the immigrant Iranians, Mr. Seyed Morteza Mortazavi, Sydney, Australia
       21:00- 21:30 Award Ceremony
       21:30-22:45 Live music
       22:45-1:00 Music and dance 

       Time allocation  

       Sunday, August 3, 2014


       Keynote Speech

       University or College: the Misconception of Science and University in Iran!, Dr. Reza Mansouri, Sharif University of Technology


       Cultural Presentation
       Discovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World, Mr. Reza Zarghamee, Senior Associate Attorney at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman


       Coffee Break


       Panel discussion on the “Success Stories on Engineering Innovation

      Chairman: Dr. Massoud Olfat, Director of RAN Technologies, Lightsquared Inc., USA
      • Dr. Ladan Behnia, Founder, Mitratech
      • Mr. Ali Birang, Office of the VP, Iran
      • Dr. Mehdi Emamian, Duke University, USA
      • Mr. Hamid Jeddi, CEO, ITMAX, Iran
      • Dr. Alayar Kangarlu, Columbia University, USA
      • Mr. Goodarz Mahbobi, CEO of axxessio, Germany
      The speakers in this panel will present and discuss some case studies on engineering innovation and challenges in different engineering disciplines in Iran and from around the world.



       Lunch (including a short presentation by Mr. Reza Arya, the President of the Iranian Scholars Worldwide Association)


       SUTA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

      • Report of the treasurer
      • Report of the president
      • Committee reports
      • Chapter reports
      • Q&A
      • Call for candidates for the next elections
      • Any other Business


       Concluding remarks


       Group photo


       End of program

       17:00-19:00 Tour of “Pinacoteca di brera”

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