WELCOME to SUTA Greater Seattle Area Chapter 


Chapter’s Board members, and their roles and responsibilities:

1. President: Houman Bedayat         
2. Secretary and Vice president: Mojgan Pourrajabi

3. Financial Officer/Treasurer: Bahram Zahir     
4. Director of Memberships: Parastoo Jabbari
5. Director(s) of Events/Gatherings:
6. Communication Officer and Director of Services/Awards:

Substitute board members:

About Seattle Chapter:

Greater Seattle Chapter was established on January 21, 2017. Members in this chapter are from surrounding cities in Greater Seattle Area including Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Everett, Tacoma, and etc.

Seattle and its surrounding is home to several high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and etc. It also hosts University of Washington which is one of the leading universities in the USA, and several smaller academic institutions. As such, there are many SUT affiliates who live and work in or around Seattle. Therefore, we foresee a very strong future for our chapter.

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