Membership Policies and Procedures (P&P)


SUTA is a United States based 501c non-profit organization. This document intends to explain the membership policies and procedures of SUTA. It will explain who is eligible for membership, how the qualifications for membership may be validated, and what are the benefits and also the obligations of members and SUTA as a result of membership.


1- Membership

Membership in SUTA is a mutually beneficial relationship through which both sides (the member and SUTA) enter into an annual agreement from the time of establishment of the membership. All who meet the qualifications and obligations set forth by this document are considered members.

2- Qualifications

Qualifications for membership are defined in section 3 of the amendment to the bylaws of SUTA, approved on December 8, 2004.


1- How to become a Member?

Canidates may apply for membership on the SUTA website, and pay the first year’s membership fee at the time of applying.

Candidates should help with the validation process of their application for membership by providing electronic copies of relevent documents or written endorsement by three existing members of SUTA regarding their qualifications as a member.

Candidates are expected to provide accurate information in their membership application. Proof of purposeful inaccurate information in the membership application will result in an automatic loss of membership and membership fee paid to SUTA.

2- What are the obligations of members?

Members should read and agree with the mission and the vision of SUTA, adhere to the bylaws, and pay their annual membership fee set forth by SUTA Board of Directors and announced on the SUTA website.

3- What are SUTA’s obligations to members?

  • SUTA will facilitate opportunities for networking through local, national and international gatherings as well as through internet for its members.
  • SUTA will maintain a website and provide pertinent news and information to its university associates.
  • SUTA will provide information through a regularly updated website.
  • SUTA returns a portion of the membership fees to the local chapters.

4- What are benefits to members?

Members receive the following exclusive benefits:
  • Use the member specific forums.
  • Particicipate in SUTA events at discounted fees.
  • Receive financial reports of the organization.
  • Become active in future leadership of the association by election into the Board of Directors of SUTA.
  • Take advantage of special offers and discounts to the members.
  • Provide links to their publications, papers and PhD dissertations on the SUTA website.
  • Provide links to their resume, job advertisements and websites on the SUTA website.
  • Receive a substantial discount on membership fee if they are full-time student.

Other Information:

In addition to the membership benefits, provisions are available for other individuals as associates or interested parties who can register on the SUTA website and receive along with members the following benefits:
  • Finding university friends and classmates by searching the SUTA database.
  • Uploading and updating their profile on the SUTA website.
  • Using the general and chapter spcific forums and finding new friends who share the same interests.
  • Participating in SUTA social events.
  • Being informed of activities related to SUTA and SUT.
  • Receivig commnications from the SUTA Board of Directors including periodic reports of activities and decisions.
  • Receiving Khabarnameh or other SUTA communications by e-mail.
  • Getting involved in various committees.
  • Providing input and taking action for enhancing SUTA services to its members and to SUT.
  • Receiving news of the current events of the local chapters by using the SUTA website.
  • Getting involved in local chapters of SUTA.
  • Accessing the archives of the SUTA website and viewing event pictures, reports and all perevious issues of Khabarnameh.
  • Voicing views and suggestions directly to SUTA Board of Directors.
  • Knowing chapter representatives and exchanging information with local chpapter membres.

Conclusion and Future Possibilities:

This is a living document and may be improved and enhanced through SUTA Board of Directors’ majority vote.

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