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Grants - Appendix 1

Student Grant Application Details

This grant is primarily to be granted to younger researchers, whereby the SUTA Grants Foundation would like to see that the amounts distributed in each case cover at least a substantial part of the travel/research expenses.  

The grant can be sought for academic expenses such as, among other things,

  • Buying laptop or lab equipment,

  • Producing essay/research report

  • Exchange studies

  • Academic Travel

The grant applications are open from December 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024. The application must not be made retroactively.   

The grant money should be used for future expenses in 2024 or spent after the application is made.

A budget form must be completed and attached with the application.  The budget should be based on expected real costs.

It is only possible to be awarded one grant per application. The grant value can be up to a maximum of USD $1,500.

Change of grant purpose is not allowed. Awarded grants that are not used for the purpose sought must be refunded. 

All grants are personal. Recipients of a grant must submit a brief report no later than one month after the money is spent (i.e., trip/research is complete). 

For further information please contact grants@suta.org.

Please read the advertisement carefully before completing the application. Please note that only complete applications will be considered.

All applicants will receive a written notification of the result by email. 

The results will be published on SUTA’s website and, if applicable, shared on the biannual reunion.   


  • The applicant must be a SUTA member.
  • The applicant must submit a CV, a promotion letter (personal statement), and a budget based on expected real costs.
  • The online application form must be completed, and documents should be emailed to grants@suta.org by February 29, 2024.
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