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Grants - Appendix 2

Call for Donation to Student Grants

SUTA Organization has partnerships with some of the world’s top universities via its members. The growth of students and researchers play a crucial role in spreading knowledge, ideas, and skills, not just within the Sharif University but in society in general. SUTA aspires to support the best talents by offering student members traveling/research grants. SUTA is launching a drive to increase the number of scholarships for fee-paying SUTA students. 

As an academic-related organization, one vital and important goal of SUTA is to help the students to grow themselves and spread science. This grant is a small step to reaching this goal. Your support can make this a well-funded, long-term grant program. 

Facts about the SUTA’s Students Grant:

  • The Student Grant was awarded in 2020 and 2022; we are honored to offer that for 2024.

  • This grant will provide need-based support to STUA student members for travel or research. Students can apply online from December 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024.
  • Since SUTA is registered as a non-profit association, donors, whether individuals or legal entities, will be tax-exempt for all donations. Donation is possible via SUTA - Donate; please select “help Student projects.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us at grants@suta.org for any questions.

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